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Is “anti-passback” sales slang for “no returns?” Does a proximity reader let bosses track how close employees are to the office? Who is Wiegand and why does he want access to my building?  

This month, Genea will clarify and define the common jargon used within the access control industry. Whether you’re new to access control or need a quick refresher, Genea’s got you covered. Learn the language of this rapidly expanding industry to better communicate with your team or customers. 

On June 17, at 11 a.m. PST, Genea will continue its monthly webinar series with a discussion about access control terminology and practical suggestions for securing your office space. 

Join us for our educational webinar “Decoding Access Control & the Complex Lingo” to learn about: 

  • The Anatomy of an Access Control System 

  • Proprietary vs. Non-Proprietary Hardware: Why it Matters and How it Affects Your Future 

  • Security During Transmission: The Importance of RFID, Bluetooth and NFC Technologies